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Node and edge attributes are usually added to a Cytoscape network by defined them on the graph used to construct a CytoscapeWindow. The small family of methods described here, however, provide another avenue for adding an edge attribute, for learning which are currently defined, and for deleting and edge attribute.

Note that edge (and node) attibutes are defined, not just for a specific, single CytoscapeWindow, but for an entire Cytoscape application session. Thus if you have two nodes (or edges) with the same ID (the same name) in two different windows, adding a node attribute results in both nodes having that attribute.




obj a CytoscapeConnectionClass object or CytoscapeWindow object. a character string specifying the Cytoscape-style name of an edge. a character string, the name of the attribute you wish to retrieve.


The attribute in question, which may be of any scalar type.


Paul Shannon

See Also

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Examples = 'demo.getEdgeAttribute'
  cw = new.CytoscapeWindow (, graph=makeSimpleGraph ())
  setDefaultEdgeLineWidth (cw, 5);
  displayGraph (cw)
  redraw (cw)
  layoutNetwork (cw)

  score.bc = getEdgeAttribute (cw, "B (synthetic lethal) C", 'score')
  print (paste ("should be -12: ", score.bc))